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Welcome to Rolls Royce Wedding Car Hire Sydney.

This page is dedicated to our flag ship classic wedding car, the 1955 Silver Dawn Rolls Royce.

This Particular Rolls Royce is unique, being the only Silver Dawn Rolls Royce Wedding Car in Sydney coloured in two tone silver over black in the extended boot series.

The body of the car and the mechanics have all been fully restored the highest standards. This Rolls Royce is air conditioned and has a glorious comfortable full red leather interior.

All the timers have been lovingly restored and polished, the dash is set up with the original old time gauges and finished in walnut look. In the passenger area you will find a pull down blind over the rear window and fold out tables pop out of the rear of the seats, ready for the champagne.

This car is a true classic they no long make Rolls Royce’s like this one!

Rolls Royce extended the boot on a number of vehicles, the idea was to give the Rolls Royce Silver Dawn a much larger presence than the short boot Rolls Royce and Bentley’s that are available.

In comparing one Rolls to another, the extended boot series has a much more Elegant and Grand appeal.

And that is exactly what you want on your Wedding day, the Grandest of them all.

On this page you will find a number of photos of the Rolls Royce with brides and grooms in a few different locations. We could say just about every Wedding Photographer in Sydney loves taking photos this car. With her classic lines and look all helps guarantee the Bride and Groom will be able to look back and remember how they looked on the wedding day. The team at Royalty are very proud to be able to offer this beautiful Rolls Royce.

The Royalty Wedding Cars, Rolls Royce Silver Dawn is the only one of its kind available for hire in Sydney!
So please book early.

Rolls Royce with two Silver over Black Mk5 Jaguars

The bride and groom look wonderful here in this photo with the Royalty Wedding Cars Rolls Royce Silver Dawn in the centre of two matching Silver over Black Mark 5 Classic 1940's' Jaguar Sedans displayed here at Observatory Hill, overlooking Sydney Harbour right next to the Harbour Bridge.

Rolls Royce Silver Dawn

Absolutely Gorgeous! The Bride and Groom, could not look happier standing beside the Royalty Wedding Cars Silver Dawn Rolls Royce. The photo was taken just after the wedding ceremony outside the church.

the Grande presence of the Rolls Royce

The Grand Presence of the Silver Dawn Rolls Royce here at Mrs Maquaries Chair.

Looks great in any church

The Rolls Royce looks the part at any church, the wedding cars of your dreams.

 wedding car combination with the Rolls Royce as lead bridal car

Great combination using the Rolls Royce wedding cars for your bridal entourage here in front of 30 Sussex St Sydney.

Rolls Royce is a bridal car for all cultures

Great couple, great day, here our Rolls Royce wedding car with an Indian couple, very popular with all cultures.

Great photo using the Rolls Royce

Sydney is full of great places for wedding photos,The Rolls Royce does a great job against the old rockery around Sydney Rocks.

Just marries, so cute

They can not contain themselves, just married or the excitement around the Rolls Royce, lol.



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