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Classic Or Modern Wedding Cars

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The very best reason why you should use classic wedding Cars for your wedding

The modern bride is a very sophisticated individual, unlike brides of past, today’s brides have a very good understanding of exactly what they want and have no hesitation in being strong enough to achieve only the very best for their wedding.

The selection of the cars is a good example, usually the wedding cars are left to the groom to select. However Brides are become more and more involved in the selection of the wedding car transportation.

The selection of wedding cars for hire or rental is enormous, the very modern traditional Rolls Royce, Bentley, Mercedes Benz are popular as are other stretch limousines like Chrysler, Ford and Holden’s.

These days in Sydney we see sports cars like Ferrari’s, Lamborghinis and Maserati coming on to the scene. Brides just might find these cars somewhat small, getting in and out of a smaller sports car on the wedding day and keep the gown in order for the ceremony could be difficult, but they can be fun!

The hummer or Hummers even larger trucks have made inroads as wedding transportation they have been extended or stretched to carry dozens of passengers at once, might not be to elegant or personal. The bride could have an issue having to the bend down as you enter and exit. And it can be difficult to see the bride because of the darkened windows. The other negative when using a truck is how they look parked outside the place of the ceremony, but they get the job done.

Modern wedding cars can look good and will do you proud, just keep in mind there are lot of them and they are some people’s daily drive cars. If they did not have white ribbon on them on the day no one would notice!

Not to mention in years to come, when you look back to your photos, you will see an old average car with no appreciation, you will never get that with a Royalty Wedding Car, they are timeless and will always look great in your photos for many many years to come.

Why you should use Classic Wedding Cars for your wedding.

Classic Or Modern Wedding Cars Roll Royce with Mk 5 Jaguars

It all starts with the refined look and the elegance and flowing style of a true classic prestige wedding car.

A classic car from the 1940 to the 1960’s will defiantly turn heads, people cannot help but look, you will be seen and people wave and you will hear them call out to you, “Good Luck”

The Royalty Wedding car selection of fully restored classic traditional vehicles all with match red leather interiors. The cars are all air conditioned and comprises of a Rolls Royce Silver Dawn from the 1950’s in Silver over black with four matching 1940’s Mk5 Jaguars sedans and a Mk 5 Jaguar convertible for the sophisticated.

Bride and grooms are able to mix and match the cars either using the Rolls Royce or Mk 5 Jaguar convertible as a lead car with the other Mk 5 Sedans following for the bridal party. Both combinations are stand outs and you are guaranteed to be noticed.

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Classic Wedding Cars adding Wonderful Memories to your Wedding Day

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